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Epoxy Patching Compound Application Instructions

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Adhere to all instructions, precautions, conditions and limitations during storage, handling, application and drying periods to obtain maximum performance. For conditions outside the requirements or limitations described, contact your Original Color Chips representative.


Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Prior to coating, all surfaces must be clean, undamaged, dry and free of all contaminants, including salt deposits.

Steel: - Abrasive blast SSPC-SP10. Prepare surface in accordance with Application Instructions for specific primer being used.

Concrete: - Cure concrete a minimum of 14 days and until 80 percent of its physical properties have been attained before applying this epoxy patching compound. Prepare surfaces according to ASTM D4258, surface cleaning; D4259, abrading; or D4260, acid etching.

Concrete block : - Walls must be laid plumb and square with flush joints. Do not rake joints. All surfaces must be clean and dry following ASTM D4261.

  Environmental Conditions

Temperature °F °C material and surface 65 to 80 18 to 27

Below 65°F (18°C) workability is reduced and application more difficult. Above 80°F (27°C) working time decreases.

This epoxy patching compound can be applied to surfaces as low as 50°F (10°C); although curing retarded, typical properties of cured material will not be affected.

Application under direct sunlight and rising surface temperatures can result in bubbling of filler compound by release of air or moisture from concrete. Prior to application of This epoxy patching compound shade for 24 hours any concrete exposed to direct sunlight and keep shaded until after initial set. With rising surface temperatures it may be necessary to postpone application.


This epoxy patching compound supplied in the correct proportions of resin and cure which must be mixed together before use. Mix only full units. Make no additions or deletions. Any deviations will inhibit curing and alter final physical properties. Do not mix more material than can be used within working time: 21/2hours at 70°F (21°C). Material which has begun to set must be discarded.


Apply this epoxy patching compound to the surface using a short nap paint roller or trowel. Spread and work the filler compound across surface filling voids using an epoxy floor trowel or wide bladed putty knives. Continue working filler compound across surface, applying pressure to achieve a smooth finish. Leave only a slight film above the surface plane. Filler compound should appear somewhat transparent allowing the concrete surface or concrete block texture to remain visible.

A single application will provide a suitable surface to receive an epoxy surfacer or for application of a coating over concrete block. A second application may be required for complete filling and sealing of formed concrete surfaces receiving protective coatings. Allow overnight curing at 70°F (21°C) or until first application is firm.

Do not exceed 3 days at 70°F (21°C) before second application. When making second application, use only reasonable pressure to build film thickness to approximately 5 to 10 mils above the surface plane, at the same time remove ridges left during spreading of filler compound by the application tool. Repair all holidays with this epoxy patching compound before applying coating.

  Safety Precautions

Read each component's material safety data sheet before use. Mixed material has hazards of each component. Safety precautions must be strictly followed during storage, handling and use.

CAUTION - Improper use and handling of this product can be hazardous to health. Do not use this product without first taking all appropriate safety measures to prevent property damage and injuries. These measures may include, without limitation: implementation of proper ventilation, use of proper lamps, wearing of proper protective clothing and masks, tenting and proper separation of application areas. Consult your supervisor. Proper ventilation and protective measures must be provided during application and drying to keep spray mists and vapor concentrations within safe limits and to protect against toxic hazards. Necessary safety equipment must be used and ventilation requirements carefully observed, especially in confined or enclosed spaces, such as tank interiors and buildings. This product is to be used by those knowledgeable about proper application methods. Norkan makes no recommendation about the types of safety measures that may need to be adopted because these depend on application environment and space, of which Norkan is unaware and over which it has no control. If you do not fully understand these warnings and instructions or if you cannot strictly comply with them, do not use the product.

Note: Consult Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Labor, parts 1910 and 1915 concerning occupational safety and health standards and regulations, as well as any other applicable federal, state and local regulations on safe practices in coating operations. This product is for professional use only. Not for residential use.