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Key Advantages of the Original Color Chips Floor Coating System vs. the Competition

 1. Customer Satisfaction! We really stand behind our products. If you are unhappy we will make sure your garage floor is exactly what you wanted!

 2. Degreaser incorporated into the Acid Solution making cleaning and etching a one step process.Cleans (disolves dirt and oil) and Etches (roughens the surface for proper epoxy adhesion) your concrete making the prep work a sinch!

 3. 100% Solids Epoxy Patching Compound available to fill in pits, divots, large cracks and holes.

 4. A waterborne basecoat epoxy derived from the industrial environment that has proven long term performance = NO HOT TIRE PEEL UPS!

 5. 8 different basecoat colors to choose from. Projects needing four or more gallons can be tinted to ANY color you wish.

 6. Basecoat is self-priming.(wood floors will need two coats, one primer coat and one basecoat.)

 7. Color Chips are available in various colors that allow you to create your own look. Standard Size is 1/4" but nearly all colors are also available in 1/16" as well.

 8. Specialty Chips available: Black-light Sensitive Chips,Metallic Additives and Non-skid additives available.

 9. Color Chips can be purchased separately that enables you to put on as much or as little as you want. We can blend any amount of color combinations you want. You pay by pound not color!

10. Crystal clear topcoat is used to seal in chips, and non-skid adding a showroom shine to the entire floor as well as an added layer of protection.
clearcoat versus no clearcoat example

11. We have a full line of products to fit your project: Quartz, Clear and Tintable Urethanes, Clear or Colored 100% solids epoxy, Breathable Epoxies and more. We are a proud distributor of Ameron Industrial Coatings, ICI Devoe Coatings, Benjamin Moore Industrial Coatings, Polymax Industrial Coatings and more. Looking for something? Give us a call.

12. Crystal clear topcoat has extreme chemical resistance and is not affected by automotive fluids. You can also upgrade your clearcoat to a UV-Resistant Urethane. Contact us for details!

13. We also offer an industrial-grade Solvent-borne Epoxy version of the waterborne epoxy kits on this site. Double the longevity! Contact us for a quote!

14. If more material is needed all products are sold individually.

15. The waterborne components of this system allow it to coat previously painted floors. Test the surface for lifting, Scuff the surface and recoat!

16. Waterborne Basecoat Epoxy and Waterborne Clearcoat Epoxy offer easy application, low VOC, high flash point, lower odor than solvent-based epoxies, and provide a hard, tough, stain-resistant finish. Perfect for garage floors and basements!

17. Impeccable customer service. Our knowledge and support cannot be beat. If you have a flooring question we can answer it for you.

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