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Checking If Your Concrete Has Been Sealed With A Sealer

What you need:

  • Water Supply

Another important test to perform is a sealer test. This is to check if your concrete has been sealed or waterproofed in anyway.

A sealed substrate will repel any type of coating that is applied to it. A good way to check if your concrete has been sealed is to pour water onto the surface. If the water beads up and stays, it has been sealed. If it has soaked in a matter of a few seconds or minutes, then you will know it is safe to apply a coating.

For newly poured concrete, you must wait a minimum of 28 days for it to cure before you can apply a coating to it.  If you know you want a coating on it, make sure the contractors pouring the concrete do not add any ‘cure and seal’ products to it, and that they give it a broom finish and not steel trowelled. If your substrate has been steel trowelled, then you must use a mechanical grinder to roughen up the surface for sufficient coating adhesion.


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